Turtlegraphics for Smartphones and Tablets

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Turtle graphics for Smartphones and Tablets

As familiar turtle graphic is optimal for a simple and clear beginning in the programming. Turtlegraphic for Android-smartphones/tablets is especially motivating for learners, since the created apps are installed on their devices and can be executed straight from there. Recently, Apps can be developed directly on smartphones or tablet, without the usage of a computer.

On this website an Online-learning-environment can be found that is so easily designed that even programming beginners without pre-knowledge in Jave and special knowledge about Android can create own apps in a short time. The Java-programs for Android Turtlegraphic are extremely simple and comparable to corresponding LOGO-programs and therefore already understandable for children.









The program code is edited in a browser window or directly importet by the learning examples. With just one click the program of our webserver is compiled and an Android-App is packed. With another click the App is installed and executed on another smartphone/tablet. If there is no Android-device available, the Apps can be carried out on an emulator.

In our online-system we use the class library JTurtleLib created by Prof Aegidius Plüss. For further information: www.aplu.ch/jturtlelib.