Turtlegraphics for Smartphones and Tablets

Bern University of Teacher Education  
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Exercises for tablets

With the AIDE-development environment exercises can be solved directly on tablets. An instruction for the installation can be found here.

The exercises are made the way that when downloading zip-files, an appropriate draft comes with it, which gives you the solution with only little code-entry.


Is AIDE installed on the tablet, the procedure of each exercise is the following:

exercise overview:

  Serie 1 : Draw figures with methods forward(), back(), right() und left()
  Serie 2 : while- and for-structure
  Serie 3 : Multiple loops


Serie 4 : if-else-structure, switch-structure
  Serie 5 : Variables
  Serie 6 : Methods
  Serie 7 : Recursions
  Serie 8 : Use multiple turtles
  Serie 9 : Apps with touch-events